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After decades of taking medications and prescribed inhalers for my respiratory issues (allergies, asthma, bronchitis) I began searching out more natural remedies.  So, during a severe bout of bronchitis three years ago, and not experiencing much improvement or relief from my various prescriptions, I decided to go forward with a more natural drug-free treatment, Halotherapy (dry salt therapy).

I was sick and, on the road, trying to make my home to Reno. Feeling desperate and not being able to breathe easily, I located a salt room while passing through Las Vegas. There I experienced my first dry-salt treatment.  And what a miracle that was.  For me, just that one 45-minute session was enough to help me get back on the track of easy breathing.  And after a few more sessions I was completely healed.

Since then I have studied and learned much more about Halotherapy and have spent time in salt rooms/caves/spas all over the country------breathing my way from San Francisco to Orlando and back.

Halotherapy intrigues me. It’s so clean - so pure - so natural - so easy.

When my husband and I sold our delivery/courier business in Reno last year we thought we were going to be living the life of retired folks, doing a lot of road trips with our two dogs, in our little travel trailer.  However, after a few months of retirement traveling we realized that life style wasn’t for us.  Perhaps because our former delivery business had us on the road all over the West for many thousands of miles for 10 years, we just needed to settle in one place. Additionally, we still desired to be involved in a service related business.  And Halotherapy impassioned us.  Plus, being from Arizona originally, and having raised my kids in Prescott, it just seemed like a natural place to return to for this new adventure.

Our salt room is small, accommodating one to four people at a session.   Recent research has shown that most folks prefer to experience their 45-minute halo session in a smaller more private setting.  We have created a very clean harmonious sanctuary ambience where clients can feel comfortable, nurtured, and balanced as they breathe their way to better respiratory health, clearer skin, and less stress.

We are pleased to provide a healthy treatment option for people who want to depend less on pharmaceuticals and drugs and who want to take charge of their own health and wellness.


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